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Post Homeless World Cup Wrap Up

The team arrived safely back to Kampala after competing in Rio, Brazil for their fourth Homeless World Cup. The HWC is an annual street soccer competition of over fifty nations with teams made up of homeless, refugees and internally displaced persons.

GKI sent 8 players, a coach and a manger from Paicho to Rio. The girls had a blast from learning to body surf, to trying the famous Brazilian meat to dominating on the soccer pitch. The team was a force on the pitch but were known around the tournament as the friendliest and most lively team! The girls loved to dance, and were inclined to teach other players, and to learn their local dances as well.

I am always amazed to see the women’s teams form a special bond with one other unlike the men’s teams. After each game, after playing ruthlessly, the teams would come together and genuinely congratulate one another.

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